Donald Trump recently claimed that he had accomplished what no one else had managed to do: force President Obama to release the long form of his birth certificate. The fact that this actually accomplished absolutely nothing (since only morons are unwilling to accept the established fact that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii) is beside the point. (Even John Boehner, who I have very little respect for, managed to take the high road on this one. When asked about the whole “birther” issue, he replied: “If the state of Hawaii says he was born there, that’s good enough for me.” Good for you, John Boehner.)

Donald Trump did actually manage to accomplish something no one else has been able to accomplish. Actually two things. First, Donald Trump established beyond any doubt that he is unfit to be president. (We all knew it, but he managed to prove it all on his own.) Once President Obama released the birth certificate, Donald Trump stated he would have to “review” the certificate to make sure of something unspecified. (Apparently, Donald Trump is also an expert on Hawaiian birth certificates, in addition to his many other talents.)

But to make it even more certain he is a moron, Donald Trump promptly criticized President Obama for not “doing something” about the situation in Libya to keep oil prices down. He didn’t specify what President Obama should have done or what events in Libya had to do with oil prices, if anything. Oil prices are high because of speculators in the oil market, not because of events in Libya. Events in Libya are an excuse for the speculation, not an explanation for high oil prices. Libya produces about 1% of the oil on the world market. Norway sells more oil than Libya. Should President Obama do something about the situation in Norway, too? What, exactly should he do, Donald, about the situation in Libya? (Or Norway?) Please be specific. I am confused. Perhaps I am simple. I need elucidation. (Sorry for using big words, Donald.)

Donald Trump also managed to prove how venal he is by his subsequent announcement that he is not running for president. His stated explanation was that he as not prepared to leave the private sector. So much for public service. All of his real estate holdings could be placed in a blind trust. (He doesn’t actually manage his real estate holdings – people who can do math do that for him.) Donald Trump declined to run for president because he would have had to give up Celebrity Apprentice to be president. Celebrity Apprentice or President of the United States. At least we know where public service falls in Donald Trump’s list of priorities.

Michael Baumer

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by Michael Baumer