Senator Lindsey Graham – My Favorite Five Year Old

Just a stray thought on President Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotamayor to the Supreme Court. Senator Lindsey Graham has been making the rounds on the political talk shows where he has conceded that she is “qualified” to sit on the court. Qualified is, after all, the appropriate standard. (Isn’t it? If it isn’t, shouldn’t it be?) Not is the nominee the same race, religion, sex, profession, zip code, went to the same college as me, same ethnicity as me back seven generations, …….. Not is the nominee the “same as” me. Not does the nominee “think like me.”

When President Obama was Senator Obama, he apparently (I say apparently based upon recorded statements by the then Senator) voted against now Justice Alito based upon philosophical differences. (“I don’t agree with how he thinks.”) Senate Republicans are now evaluating whether or now they “can” (not will) vote for Judge Sotomayor based on the President’s “standard” for approving Supreme Court nominees.

I watch this whole drama play out and have to marvel at the whole thing. Senator Graham admits Judge Sotomayor is qualified, but isn’t sure whether he “can” (his word) vote for her because of a vote Senator Obama made several years ago. This reminds me of the kindergarten conversation where we have the “You’re a butthead”, “No, you’re a butthead”, “Well, you’re a bigger butthead.”, “Well, you started it”, “No, you started it” conversation. Silly me. I thought when you got to the United States Senate, you were supposed to act like an adult, not a five year old.

I do understand Senator Graham’s political position, but this isn’t supposed to be a political position. (Is it?) A U.S. Senator isn’t supposed to be a purely political animal. He/she is supposed to do what is “right” for the country, what is “best” for the country. What if……..? What if ……….Senator Graham (and every other Republican senator) could vote for Judge Sotomayor just because she is actually qualified, and then make a passionate political speech about what a butthead President Obama is. That is supposed to be how it works. Instead, we have “tit for tat” ad nauseum and nothing happens and they (Republicans and Democrats, Senators and Representatives) waste our tax dollars. Day after day, after day, after day,……………

I’m old fashioned. I always try to take the “high road” approach. Maybe if a Republican senator or two (or three) voted to approve Judge Sotomayor, the Republican party could claim to be something other than the “party of no.” Let’s assume that President Obama is a …. (Butthead? Liberal Hack? Commie?) Okay. Great. So what? Here’s a crazy notion. Somebody (anybody) could vote for somebody “else” (on the other side) and say “I’m not overjoyed about my vote, but they deserve it.” Doesn’t somebody have to be the first one to step up and do the right thing? Somebody? Anybody? Apparently, not Senator Lindsey Graham. Resident five year old.

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by Michael Baumer