John Boehner is a Dumbass, Part 2

I was watching the news night before last, and in another attempt to criticize the Obama healthcare plan, Rep Boehner said “If you like the lines at the DMV, if you like the post office, you are going to love public healthcare.”

Let’s start by inquiring when was the last time John Boehner went to an actual post office? (I’m sure he staffs that out to a minion.)

And why is he down on the Post Office? (Technically, the United States Postal Service.) I practice law in Austin, Texas. I routinely receive mail from Houston and Dallas the day after it was mailed. The next day. At most, it takes two days. I get mail from California all the time on the second day after mailing. From half way across the country. No special delivery, no expedited processing, no muss, no fuss. And all for the every day low price of 44 cents. In case you are interested, the official number for the pieces of mail delivered by the USPS for 2008 was 201,128,003,000. That’s right, 201 billion pieces. Or 550 million pieces every day (Saturdays and Sundays and legal holidays included.)

The USPS employs about 615,000 hardworking people. If you think about the numbers, they do a truly impressive job. They don’t deserve some congresscritter trashing them because he is trying to score political points.

Michael Baumer

Law Office of Michael Baumer

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by Michael Baumer